Toilet training is an important step in your child’s development. It often lasts several months with its up’s and down’s. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Especially since a child cannot be taught to be potty trained. It is the child who will learn on their own at about the age of 2 years to recognize this feeling of needing to pee or poop. They will learn to control their bladder and stool so that they have time to go to the potty or the toilet. Let’s discover the Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat.

The role of the parents during this learning process is to support and accompany the child during potty training, but also when the child wants to go from the potty seat toward a potty seat with step stool on the big toilet. Indeed it is a very important step for the autonomy of your toddler. The Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat helps parents in the training process.

In this article you will find our detailed review of the Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat.

Why use a Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat? 

Your child is just beginning to learn potty training. In this case, it may be a little early to offer your baby to go to the big toilet let alone a public bathroom. For a start, potties are very practical as they can be moved easily beside your child and thus avoid accidents. In addition, your toddler may be overwhelmed by the toilet at first and therefore not want to go. That’s okay, don’t rush your child and let them start with the potty. 

Once the potty seat is set up properly or if your baby is not afraid of the toilet, you can encourage your child to use the toilet and they will be very happy and proud to do as grown-ups do.

How do you do it? Going straight to the toilet seat is not at all suitable for children.

To remedy this problem, you can buy a simple plastic toilet reducer that can be found in many brands (Safety 1st, Munchkin, Fisher Price, babybjorn,…). However, you will most likely have to place and prop-up your child on the toilet reducer each time, which is clearly not great, as if you are busy your child will not to be able to go to the toilet and that is guaranteed to be an accident (with the resulting messes!). It’s not ideal for your little one either, as they don’t feel independent and can’t use the toilet on their own.

That’s why the Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat is a popular childcare item for most parents (and for toddlers). It accompanies the child towards autonomy. With this seat system and it’s integrated step stool, your child will sit down alone to pee and poop. This Toilet Reducer is like an evolutive baby potty. 

Review of the Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat:


The Mangohood Toilet Reducer consists of several components.

It consists of :

  • A potty chair adapted to the children’s size. The seat is cushioned since it is made of foam rubber. Your child will be able to relieve themselves comfortably on it.
  • A splash guard protects the seat from tinkle splashes. (Great for Boys laughing)
  • An integrated staircase. No need for a stool or step, everything is integrated. An important point is that the staircase is ‘upgradeable’ . The step is adjustable in height and therefore adaptable to the size of your child as they grow.
  • Two cushy armrests so that your child can climb safely and easily on the steps.
  • Two handles to make it easier for your toddler to sit down.

You can easily fold up this toilet reducer to store it next to your toilet.

Will the Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat fit on my Toilet?

Mangohood state that they use a universal design for their potty training seat wtith step stool to fit standard height toilets, ranging in height from 14″ to 16.5″ from floor to toilet bowl seat.

NOTE: Does NOT fit high toilets over 16.5″ high, such as Comfort Height and ADA Compliant Height toilets

Measurements from the Floor to Step: 6.5″ or 8.8″
Measurements from the Floor to Seat: 16.5″

The toilet reducer seat is not suitable for use on a bidet or child toilet.

Materials and Colors

The materials chosen are of high quality and easy clean in order to guarantee impeccable toilet hygiene. The structure is made of PP, the step is made of PP and the cushion is made of foam rubber.

You have a choice of colors:

  • Blue+Green
  • Blue+Purple
  • Pink+White
  • Red+Yellow

For some models, there is an option of a PU material for the padded toilet seat to offer additional comfort and soft touch.

Mangohood offers this quality potty trainer at a very competitive price of $35.99 for the standard version to $47.99 for the upgraded PU cushion. If you buy on Amazon with Amazon prime, don’t forget you have the delivery included in the price.

Is the Mangohood safe?

The Mangohood Toilet Booster Seat is probably one of the safest training potty on the market. 

Under the seat you will find six non-slip rubber pads to ensure the stability of the booster on the bowl or the seat. For safe use by the little ones Mangohood have added non skid feet on the stairs part of the stepstool.

The step is made of a sturdy polypropylene material. It also has an anti-skid system. The rest of the structure is made of PP and is held in place by a notched fastening system. Your baby will have great difficulty unlocking it.

Contrary to some competitor brands who use hard plastic, Mangohood has chosen an anti-slip cushion to make it easier for your little one to sit on the seat and prevent him from slipping once he is on it.

How to install and store the Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat?


The first time, you will have to assemble the seat according to the instructions in the manual. It will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Upon first installation you will be surprised because it is very easy to install on the toilet bowl or directly on the toilet seat. 

NOTE: For Japanese toilets that have a special toilet seat you will have to test to see if a safe installation can be made on the toilet seat. If this is not the case, simply fold the toilet seat away first.


You need to use the restroom. No problem, the seat is easy to remove and store. Indeed, with its foldable seat it folds easily. Once the seat is folded, put it against a wall in the toilet. It will easily stand upright with its feet. You don’t need to fix it to the wall with a hook.


The materials used for the seat are quality materials, both for use over time and for maintenance. Indeed the structure and the footboard (in polypropylene) are easy to clean with cleaning wipes or your usual cleaning products.

The upholstered seat, as well as the foam of the armrests and handles are waterproof, resistant to mildew, tears and deformation. They are also removable for easy cleaning. There will always be some pees to deal with after potty time..

Once your seat has been cleaned, you can proceed with the usual cleaning of the toilet bowl and seat cover after removing the seat for perfect toilet hygiene.

On a daily basis, the splash guard deflector will protect the cushion from urine splashes. You will therefore not need to clean the seat daily.


The Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat reducer is clearly the best baby toilet seat on the market in terms of quality/price. This toilet seat booster integrates the reducer (with ergonomic seat) and the stairs. No more stepladders or steps that could slip, now you have everything in one product that combines safety and optimal comfort for your child. Easy to install for use of the toilet by baby&toddler, but also easy to uninstall for use of the toilet by parents. It can be easily stored against the wall without the need for wall brackets.

It fits most toilet bowls and can be installed directly on standard toilet seats. If this is not the case or if you do not want to you can completely fold down the toilet seat.

As a bonus, the anti-splash system makes for hygienic seating!

The Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat is a quality product that will help your child in the period when they are transitioning to go to the bathroom. We strongly recommend this toddler potty.

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